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Fiction master list (as at 8/6/12)

Note: fics with an asterisk beside them are also available on AO3

BBC Sherlock fics


The eggsperiment (preslash) John suffers food poisoning. Rating PG (900 words)

*Once more unto the breach, dear friend (gen) Sherlock takes John to the Globe Theatre. Rating PG (1500 words)

*Mea culpa (preslash) John is high on drugs. Not his fault, of course. Rating 15 (2100 words)

*The animal inside (slash) John is a virgin and Sherlock has read too many zoology texts. Rating 15 (7400 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Target practice (preslash) John is teaching Sherlock to shoot straight. Rating PG (200 words)

Talking therapy (preslash) Sherlock helps John get over some of his post TGG triggers. Rating PG (2100 words)

*Experimentation (slash) How does John prevent Sherlock getting bored with him? Rating 12 (1100 words)

Resumé (preslash) Inspired by a Dorothy Parker poem – Sherlock's urges to self-destruction have now disappeared. Rating 15 (2700 words)

Last letter (slash) John leaves a letter for Sherlock to read in the event of his death. Rating 12 (1600 words)

*Impure genius (slash) Sherlock finds being a genius hard, but John is there to help. Rating 15 (21,700 words)

Ricochet (gen) John gets shot at the end of TGG. Rating 12 (900 words)

*Holding out for a hero (preslash) After TGG, John is trying to help the young man in the bomb jacket recover. Rating 12 (4400 words)

*The heat is on (slash) John, Sherlock and a Dutch sauna. Rating 12 (221 words)

*Trust (slash) Ella gets John playing trust games. Rating PG (2300 words)

The Trojan War will not take place this time (slash) Sherlock is a reincarnation of Achilles. Rating PG (4300 words)
Part 1,Part 2

*Baker Street Imp (slash) John and Sherlock have to look after Clara's seven-year old niece. Rating PG (15,900 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

*The Adventure of the Illustrious Idiot (slash) Black comedy rip-off of ACD's "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client", in which BBC!Sherlock kicks ACD when he's down. Rating 15 (13,000 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

*By the Book (slash) Crack British Library fic in which Sherlock discovers time travel and also that John doesn't like the eighteenth century. Rating 15 (10,900 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

*Out of the strong came forth sweetness (slash). Sherlock solves a case by licking a laptop. Rating 15 (1800 words)

*Happiness is a warm dachshund (gen). John wants a dog. Rating U (221 words)

*In the Air (slash). John and Sherlock on a long-haul flight. Rating 12 (221 words)

*All I Do (slash). John has a rather unusual therapy session. Rating 12 (221 words)

*SNAFU (slash). John's attempts at appearing normal are unsuccessful. Rating 15 (19,000 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

*The ordinary charms of John H. Watson (slash) An appreciation of John. Rating 12 (600 words)

*Worth an infection (slash) Sherlock is deducing John again. Rating 12 (1,300 words)

*It’s good to talk (preslash) A therapy session brings a shock for Ella. Rating 12 (2,300 words)

*Aftermath (slash) Sherlock's been defeated by Irene Adler and he's not happy. Rating PG (1,000 words)

*Bern the heart out of you (slash) A trip to Switzerland goes horribly wrong for Mycroft and Sherlock. Rating 15 (12,700 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

*Banned Aid (slash) There are dangers with an irresistible idiot. Rating 15 (221 words)

*The lying detective (gen) Sherlock's gone too far, yet again. Rating PG (221 words)

*It goes without saying (slash) They never talk about it. Rating 12 (221 words)

*John stays (gen) Sherlock wonders why John doesn't walk away. Rating PG (221 words)

*The shape I'm in (gen) Dr Watson seemed a bit different that morning. Rating U (221 words)

*Let's Face the Music sequence
There may be trouble ahead (preslash) Sherlock's just met Irene and John's not happy. Rating 12 (2,400 words)
Before they ask us to pay the bill (preslash) Sherlock has saved Irene's life, but she isn't going to let him win that easily. Rating 12 (3,800 words)
While we still have the chance (preslash) Dealing with a gigantic hound is the easy part of Sherlock's time on Dartmoor. Rating 12 (7, 300 words)
Part 1, Part 2
There may be teardrops to shed (slash) Sherlock still isn't sure how he can fit his feelings for John into his other plans. Rating 18 (8,100 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Mary Sue Sutherland fics
Captain of the Ship (slash) Metafic with Sherlock writing slash fiction about himself. Rating 12 (5200 words)
Part 1, Part 2
Sequel: Death of a fanatic What didn't happen at the London Sherlock Holmes meetup. Rating 12 (1500 words)
Sequel: Oh My God In which Mary Sue Sutherland dies yet again. Rating 12 (221 words)
Sequel: B221 Mary Sue Sutherland discusses writing techniques. Rating U (221 words)
Sequel: Capital Woman Irene Adler meets the 221B. Rating 15 (221 words)
Sequel: The worst possible taste Mary Sue Sutherland's RPF stories have gone too far this time. Rating 12 (1,800 words)
Sequel: Once were Warriorbots There are terrifying things on the RPF meme. Rating 15 (221 words)
Sequel: After the Fall Mary Sue's gone to another Sherlock meet-up. It's not going to end well. Rating 12 (221 words)

Mycroft/Lestrade (and Sherlock/John)  

*The Bruce-Partington Conspiracy (slash) Why Lestrade doesn't accompany Mycroft to 221B at the start of TGG. Rating 15 (3000 words)

*Men sometimes makes passes (slash) Glasses!fic. Rating PG (221 words)
Sequel: *A man, a plan, a canal (slash) Lestrade and large bodies of water are never a good combination. Rating PG (1500 words)

*The Knowledge (slash) Inspired by Mycroft in ACD's The Final Problem. Rating PG (221 words)

A Spot of Bother (slash) Crack fic in which Sherlock and Mycroft are ill, but it's John and Lestrade who really suffer. Rating 15 (4900 words)

*Holidays (slash) Lestrade and Mycroft discuss holidays. Rating U (221 words)

*Men on film (preslash) You get a lot of strange requests if you're MI5's best cameraman. Rating PG (221 words)

*Five people (slash) Lestrade worries about the self-destructiveness of his friends. Rating 15 (221 words)

*The penultimate problem (slash) Mycroft and Lestrade at Reichenbach. Rating 15 (14,000 words)

The wobbly blue line (slash) A Police Federation conference gets completely out of hand. Rating 15 (221 words)

*Sweet Life (slash) Mycroft finds it hard to admit to his weaknesses. Rating 15 (5,700 words)
Part 1, Part 2

*The Sword in the something (slash) Mrs Hudson's RPF is starting to worry Mycroft. Rating 12 (1,400 words)

*Double cross purposes (slash) A secret operation has gone wrong and Mycroft needs someone to pin the blame on. Rating 15 (12,300 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

*Lestrade and the clammy chlamys (slash) A fancy dress party gets a little too exciting for Mycroft and Lestrade. Rating 15 (1,900 words)

*When I became a man/*Desert island discoveries (gen + slash) Two wet!Lestrade fics. Rating PG + 12 (2x221 words)

*Jealous guy (slash) Lestrade's not normally insecure. Rating 15 (9,200 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

*Sex doesn't alarm me (slash) Sherlock really shouldn't steal Lestrade's phone. Rating 12 (221 words)

*Things that go bang in the night (gen) There shouldn't be so many handguns around in Devon, should there? Rating PG (221 words)

*MI Sex (slash) A man in the Secret Service naturally keeps a lot of things hidden. Rating 18 (9,300 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

*Be Mine (preslash) Lestrade gets an unusual Valentine's Day card. Rating PG (221 words)

*You cannot libel the dead (preslash) Mycroft's hiding in the Diogenes Club after Sherlock's death, but Lestrade tracks him down. Rating 15 (6,300 words)

*David sequence: fics concerning Mycroft's first marriage
David (slash) Lestrade finds out about David. Rating 12 (5000 words)
Greek love (preslash) David and Mycroft meet at Oxford. Rating PG (221 words)
Under the Weather (slash) In which Mycroft finds out about Lestrade and Sherlock. Rating 15 (12,700 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Future Tense (slash) David, Mycroft and Lestrade in 1989. Rating PG (3x221 words)
David dyeing/Testing times (slash) Fluffy David and Mycroft at Oxford. Rating PG (2x221 words)


Just the words (preslash?) John and Mycroft are back at the warehouse again. Rating 12 (1800 words)

*Turning point (preslash) AU in which John makes a fateful decision at the FE College in Study In Pink. Rating 12 (1900 words)

*Half a loaf (slash) John's looking for love and a few decent meals and finds them in an unexpected place. Rating 18 (12,700 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

*Blame Jeremy Bentham sequence (slash): Sherlock reacts badly to Mycroft and John getting together
Tastes: Sherlock finds out about John. Rating 12 (3400 words)
Holmes Comforts: How Mycroft and John got together. Rating 15 (11,800 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Sacrifices: Sherlock sets out to steal John from Mycroft. Rating 15 (12,800 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Last Christmas: The aftermath. Rating PG (2x221 words)


*The Adventure of the Three Bedirrags (slash) - rewrite of ACD's 'The Adventure of the Three Garridebs in which Lestrade solves the case. Rating 15 (11,300 words)

*French Letters (slash) Reading!porn. Rating 12 (221 words)

*Pardon my French (slash) Lestrade tries to give up swearing. Rating 15 (221 words)

*The match is on (slash) Lestrade, Sherlock and John investigate dodgy goings on at a country house cricket match. Rating 15 (7000 words)
Part 1, Part 2

*Fall guy (gen) The thing about waterfalls was they just kept on going. Rating U (221 words)


*Grumpelstiltskin (slash) John finds out Lestrade's first name. Rating 15 (3000 words)

*Half empty (slash) Greg and John's attempts to trap Colonel Moran go horribly wrong. Rating 18 (3,500 words)

Harry/Molly (and Sherlock/John)

*Birthday surprise (slash) Molly falls for London's nerdiest historian, Dr Harriet Watson. Rating 15 (5900 words)
Part 1, Part 2

*Launch off: Sequel in which Harry invites Molly to her book launch. Rating 15 (8900 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

*Birthday surprises. Sequel in which Molly finds out why you don't let historians near small children. Rating PG (2x221 words)

*Histories: Sequel in which Molly and Harry have a very fraught weekend. Rating 15 (34,600 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Parts 5 & 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9 & 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17

*A case of identities Femslash rewrite of ACD's A case of identity. Rating 12 (10,000 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

*Harry Watson is hopeless at phone sex (slash) Rating 12 (600 words)

*A morbid taste for bananas (slash) Harry and Molly are off to Shrewsbury. Rating 12 (221 words)

*Re Joyce (gen) Harry is trying to teach Sherlock about literature. Rating U (221 words)

*Proof (slash) There ought to be a Historians Anonymous. Rating 15 (221 words)

Other femslash

PC World. (preslash) Sally's mandatory counselling has an upside. Rating PG (221 words)
Straight/Smooth/Scholar. (preslash) Sally and Ella get to know one another. Rating PG (3x221 words)
Calm and Storm (slash) Sally and Ella are very different in bed. Rating 15 (2x221 words)

*Six hours,forty-six minutes (Ella/Anthea slash) Anthea's had a bad day, so it's good to go home to Ella. Rating 15 (2,200 words)
*NSFW Two highly trained professionals shouldn't be doing this sort of thing. Rating 18 (221 words)

*Anthea' interests sequence
Working practices (Anthea/Clara preslash) The advantages of working for Mycroft Holmes. Rating 12 (1200 words)
Do you want to know a secret? (Anthea/Sarah preslash) Anthea and Sarah have to explain some things to John. Rating 12 (5000 words).
What's love got to do with it? (Anthea/Sarah preslash) Anthea is still thinking about Sarah. Rating PG (221 words)
Don't you want me? (Anthea/Sarah slash) Anthea resumes contact with Sarah, but what will happen when her secrets come out? Rating 15 (14, 500 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

*It's raining, it's pouring (Sarah/Molly slash) Sarah and Molly commiserate with each other over John and Sherlock. Rating 18 (4000 words).

*Poor Jenny, bright as a penny (slash) Jennifer Wilson's back story. Rating 12 (1800 words)

*Safe as houses (Molly/Anthea preslash) Anthea's new assignment brings an unexpected danger. Rating PG (221 words)

*Patterns (Sarah/Harry preslash) Harry has an unexpected meeting. Rating 15 (3,300 words)

*A great man is hard to find (Harry preslash) AU in which Dr Harriet Watson is home from Afghanistan. Rating 12 (4,300 words)

*Make chemical weapons, not war (Jacqui Stapleton/Louise Mortimer slash) Someone has to clear up Dr Frankland's lab after his death. Rating 15 (221 words)

*Out of the shadows
(Clara/Kate slash) Irene Adler's escaped from London, but not everyone can escape her. Rating 15 (14,900 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Irene Adler

*Goodbye, Irene (gen) An alternative ending for A Scandal in Belgravia. Rating 12 (2,100 words)

*The phony war (gen) Mycroft and Irene have a little chat. Rating PG (221 words)

*I expect you to die, Ms Adler (gen) Mycroft knows what he wants to happen to Irene. Rating 12 (1,800 words)

*The measure of a woman (gen) Irene knows how men's minds work. Rating 12 (221 words)

*The joy of redemption (gen) Mycroft and Sherlock have a little chat about Irene. Rating PG (650 words)

*Sleepless in Karachi (het) Irene works out one of Sherlock's secrets. Rating 12 (221 words)


John Holmes (het – John/OFC) John has to pretend to be Sherlock. Rating 12 (2100 words)

*Bodies in the Library (slash – Mycroft/OMC) Library dark fic set in Mycroft's youth. Rating 15 (2000 words)

*R v Holmes (2009)(depraved bats) (gen) Sherlock needs a clever female barrister's help when he's been overenthusiastic in discussing bats. Rating 15 (4000 words)

*A Worthy Opponent (het – Sally/Sherlock) Sherlock and Sally have hatesex. Rating 18 (4500 words)

*The Moriarties (gen) There are two men called James Moriarty in London. Rating 12 (900 words)

*Watching the detective (preslash). Sid Paget, MI5's finest cameraman, has a new interest. Rating PG (221 words)
Sequel:*Reel Life (slash: Sid Paget/DI Dimmock). Sid Paget has been getting over-enthusiastic with his filming. Rating 15 (221 words)
Prequel:*Up close and personal (slash: Sid Paget/Sherlock) Some things did not belong in extreme closeup on YouTube. Rating 15 (221 words)

*Doctor meets doctor (slash - John/Mike Stamford) AU bodyswap fic in which Molly and John have a too close encounter with one of Sherlock's experiments. Rating 18 (25,400 words)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

*Under covers (het - John/Sally) Sally Donovan and John Watson go undercover to help the Gloucestershire police catch a rapist. Rating 18 (12,800 words)
Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3

*Cold steel woman (gen) Mycroft's recruitment techniques are non-standard. Rating 12 (221 words)

*Normal for Bridgwater (slash/het - Lestrade/OCs) Lestrade is trapped in a love-filled marriage. Rating 15 (4, 300 words)

*It doesn't always get better (slash - Lestrade/Dimmock) It isn't always easy being gay in the Metropolitan Police. Rating 18 (5,600 words)
Part 1, Part 2

*One bullet (gen) Sherlock hadn't worried about Mycroft. Rating 12 (2,300 words)

*Some Mummies do 'ave 'em (gen) Seven-year-old Sherlock makes a card for Mothering Sunday. Rating PG (221 words)

*Can you forgive her? (gen) Lestrade and Sally Donovan have a talk after the events of The Reichenbach Fall. Rating 15 (3,800 words)

Series 2 shorts
*There will be blood (gen) Molly's a nervous wreck, of course. Rating 12 (221 words)

*Sherlocks Holmes (gen) There's a Sherlock lookalike in Addlestone. Rating PG (221 words)

*Things that go bump in the street (gen) Sherlock's found a role for Mycroft in his plan. Rating U (221 words)

*Scoop (gen) Not all reporters are as gullible as Kitty. Rating PG (221 words)

*Brother in law (gen) Clara gives John some legal advice. Rating PG (221 words)

*Sally's choice (gen) Sally's dilemma during The Reichenbach Fall. Rating 12 (221 words)

*The memorable palace (slash - Mycroft/Harry the equerry) Sherlock doesn't notice everything. Rating 12 (221 words)

*The case is on (preslash - Mycroft/Mr Crayhill) Mycroft's doing some preparation for Moriarty's trial. Rating 12 (221 words)

*The unpleasantness at the Diogenes Club (gen) Crossover with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. What happened at the Diogenes Club in 1972. Rating 12 (221 words)

*Life's a beach (gen) Lestrade unwinds after the events at Grimpen. Rating U (221 words)

*Ottery St Mycroft (gen) Crossover with Cabin Pressure. Someone else has found out about Bond Air. Rating 12 (221 words)

Non-Sherlock fics

*Coming Together (gen). Sherlock RPF: Benedict and Martin are preparing themselves for filming Series 2. Rating 12 (950 words)

*Feeling so blue (preslash). X-Men First Class: Raven is unhappy. Rating PG (1200 words)


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