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Histories (part 2/17)

BBC Sherlock

Rating 15 (alcoholism, drug-taking, explicit femslash and slash, homophobia, swearing, vomiting)

Sequel to Birthday Surprise and Launch Off in which Molly gets together with Dr Harriet Watson, historian of eighteenth-century women and recovering alcoholic

Huge thanks to my beta Blooms84 for tackling this monster and making extremely helpful suggestions

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Summary: Molly has walked out on Harry: it's no wonder Harry's even more confused than normal.

2) Friday afternoon: Harry

Molly had walked out last night, and Harry didn't know why. No, she knew why: because Molly had found a load of whisky hidden in Harry's flat. But she didn't know why the whisky was there. She couldn't remember; that was the real problem. She didn't think she'd bought the whisky, but she couldn't be 100% sure. And if she couldn't convince herself, how did she convince Molly? Molly had taken her confused denials themselves as a sign of drinking. But it wasn't drink that made Harry like this.

They'd called her dreamy as a child, when they weren't calling her a forgetful idiot. It was more that she was thinking about other, more interesting things. And there'd never been a time in her life when there weren't more interesting things to think about than where her coat was, or when she'd last eaten, or if somebody owed her money. She'd be the stereotype of the absent-minded professor, if she ever made it to professor. Not that making it to the end of next week currently looked possible. Molly had gone. Molly had gone. Why get up in the morning when Molly had gone? Why go to bed at night with no Molly to share it? Why eat, why work, why live?

Why live? She could hear John's voice in her head as she said that, his best 'don't be so bloody stupid, Harry' look on his face. You've been through break-ups before, you've survived them, you will survive this. Pick yourself and get on with living.

The imaginary John in her head was one thing, but the real John would be a lot better. But it wouldn't be fair to get John involved this time. He had enough problems of his own this weekend; he'd probably be haring off to the station right now. And besides, if she couldn't remember, and she couldn't be sure, John couldn't help her. There was something not just wrong, but mysteriously wrong here, and she needed someone who knew about mysteries.


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Sep. 15th, 2011 10:51 am (UTC)
Oh good. I really enjoy it when you put Harry in a conversation with Sherlock.
Sep. 15th, 2011 01:20 pm (UTC)
There will be lots of Harry-Sherlock discussions (which I do love writing), as well as dubious historical analogies, a serious misunderstanding of Wuthering Heights, the scariest women in Northumbria in the scariest garden in Northumbria, and a dead pigeon. Oh, and bucketloads of angst and occasional sex scenes, obviously.
(no subject) - shehasathree - Sep. 15th, 2011 12:01 pm (UTC) - Expand
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