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221B week, day 4: Up Close and Personal

BBC Sherlock

Spoilers: None

Rating: 15 (slash, embarrassing bodies)

In Sexual Healing by Blooms84, the following passage occurs:

God in heaven, Sherlock was a lot of work. Too much for Lestrade. They’d had their bit of sweaty rutting and sloppy blowjobs early on, but Lestrade just couldn’t put up with the drama. Hardly anyone could. Lestrade remembered Sherlock’s affair with that odd little weasel, the videographer Sid Paget. There was a match made in hell. Some things did not belong in extreme closeup on YouTube, in Lestrade’s opinion.

The story of Sid and Sherlock has at yet not been told. Till now. With apologies to Bloomie for what ends up on YouTube.

Definitely too clever for my own good, this time, Sherlock thought ruefully. It had been entertaining to plant the camera in Mycroft's CCTV control rooms, spy on those spying on him. Especially the buttoned-up youth at the end who was surreptitiously unbuttoning himself at every arrival of Sherlock onscreen.

Mycroft's files showed Sid Paget as the most promising of his new recruits. Sherlock never wanted anyone sharing his bed on a long-term basis; they might want to share his cocaine too. But it had been satisfying to lure Paget away from Mycroft's employ.

Sid was responsive – out of bed as well as in it - open to the suggestion of a career move into medical photography. It was staggering how beautiful Sid could make a colony of Staphylococcus look, or how poignant a bloodied Sherlock, carefully videoed for three hours solid.

But then there'd been fresh underlings of Mycroft's to subvert. A mistake, perhaps, asking Sid to edit a tape of Sherlock with another man. He'd foreseen and discounted the risk of Sid putting up some of their sex tapes on the web. But not this footage. This was graphic, appalling, humiliating. Though among the illiterate, jeering comments on YouTube, there was the occasional hint of sympathy:

Dunno what you lot thinks so funny. It's bloody painful having boils on your backside.


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Dec. 29th, 2011 11:04 pm (UTC)
I love you, Sid Paget, and I would like you to have your own series on ITV. See further comments on AO3.
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 14th, 2012 05:53 pm (UTC)
Re: The absence of blooms84
Blooms84 had some problems with RL colleagues finding her LJ, I believe, so felt she had to take her fic down. She's now back on LJ as Second Skin, and she's reposted some of her fics at AO3 under the same pseudonym, though not yet all of them.

I do hope you enjoy her fics - she and I share a lot of ideas about the characters (and indeed trade plot bunnies), but our writing styles are quite different. She's particularly good at short, vivid stories, sometimes single scenes that conjure up a whole world. Whereas I'm a writer who always wants to fill in 10,000 words of back story ;-)
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